I would like to say a massive thank you to all the partners involved in 19cm.
Support of the arts is crucial, but it takes courage and creative thinking to get behind a project that you are not quite sure what the outcome of it will be. Sometimes the artist doesn’t even know!
So I would like to really thank these organisations that have been behind me on this on this project. Thank you for your courage and your creative thinking.
We have all been through so much these last few months, and I know for many of us including myself, we have just been on autopilot getting through whatever we had to. So this project is a slice of life, 19cm worth of some other peoples lives that live and work in the great city of Leeds. I hope we will find some important messages intertwined throughout their journey of Covid, but even if not, their stories may at least make people feel that they were not alone.
Thank you from my heart


Leeds’ definition of culture is: “Culture is what we do and who we are, encompassing a broad range of actions and activities which have the capacity to transform, challenge, reassure and inspire, giving a place and its people a unique and distinctive identity.” 

Leeds City Council is proud to support this exhibition because it reflects the city’s rich culture and identity – a snapshot of the people, the businesses and activities that make Leeds a great place to live, work and visit.

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“Rushbond Plc have been pioneering communities for 35 years”

“Our vision is to create and invest in distinctive buildings and places, with personality and atmosphere. First White Cloth Hall certainly delivers on all fronts and we are thrilled to be able to support 19cm and enable this reimagined historic building can host and provide gallery space for the exhibition.”

Since our inception in 1986 we’ve become part of the fabric of Yorkshire, building a reputation for quality and innovation, which has set us apart from our peers.

We enjoy what we do, we’re serious about doing things in the right way and we understand the role we play in people’s lives. We are not simply another property developer. We’re distinctive and truly value the people we work alongside.

We continue to identify and invest in new places which can meet all our needs in terms of returns, distinction and a sustainable future.

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“BJSS was founded in Leeds, so it’s meaningful for us to be a part of 19cm. What’s so powerful about this project is how it captures the incredible variety of key workers that helped get us through the pandemic. From the NHS staff on the frontlines of the fight against the virus to the tech support staff maintaining the systems that kept so many businesses afloat. It’s inspirational to see these stories of resilience and dedication so vividly brought to life.”

Glynn Robinson, Chairman at BJSS

Born in Leeds in 1993, we’re the leading technology and engineering consultancy for business. Trusted by our clients, we collaborate to deliver complex, innovative technology, engineering and industry solutions that millions of people use every day.

For almost three decades we’ve delivered high quality, world-class technology solutions to the world’s leading companies. We deliver complex enterprise software by aligning engineering, advanced technology, user-focused design and our collaborative delivery approach.

We focus on relationships. Our customers trust us because we’re open and honest. The quality of our work and the culture and resilience of our people make us the obvious alternative for our clients. We seek the simple path forward: we’re straightforward in all we do.

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“Sponsorship of the Arts has played a central role in our strategy for many years. Above all we believe in making art accessible to everyone and actively support pioneering projects like 19cm.

 “The project tells the extraordinary story of a city coming out of a global pandemic – the highs and the lows – capturing this unique moment in history through the lives of 12 ordinary yet fascinating individuals. It’s a story that resonates with us all and of course, it’s told through the lens of our home city, Leeds.”

Malcolm Simpson, Managing Partner at Walker Morris

Walker Morris LLP is a distinctive law firm valued by its clients for consistently delivering excellent results.  Ranked by independent guides to the legal profession it is among the top UK law firms for the number of recognised legal specialists in its teams. 

Walker Morris prides itself on a long history of sponsoring the arts, having previously been involved in a number of major projects to enable art to be accessible to the wider community.

The firm previously sponsored the inaugural exhibition at London’s Saatchi Gallery, Damian Hirst’s exhibition, ‘Artist Rooms’, at Leeds Art Gallery and Ashley Jackson’s ‘Framing the Landscape’ project. And for 25 years Walker Morris ran its annual charity Calendar Competition open to all primary school-aged children. During that time the Competition helped to raise over £110,000 for Martin House Children’s Hospice.

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