The Band

The first time I met the Band Hannah wasn’t there, so I sat around a table with all the boys outside. I was immediately struck how contemplative and calm they all were. How candid they all were about the experiences they were all having. Despite the fact that the band had been ready to go on tour with a new album, they all seemed quite resigned to the situation they were in, whilst also being proactive about how they could make the best of the time. Stories of drum sessions in bedrooms, zoom sessions to keep each other company when it got tough. They told me that they had decided to focus on the creative process, something that they could control, rather than focus on the carnage around them, and the things that they couldn’t control. I found this amazing given everything that they had worked on had stopped! it was so inspiring.

As we gradually opened up and they got back into the recording studio it was so exciting. Exciting to see them all back playing and creating music, and starting a new album, which they had worked on during all the lock downs. The band have a real friendship between them and I know that the support they had given each other during the worse times had made them even closer. They all had day jobs too which they had started again, so things were looking up for everyone. Hannah worked in the care sector, so life had been intense for her, she talked of using the bands music in her work for music therapy, all quite incredible.

The band say that their latest album is their best work. I met them for their last shoot at the iconic Brudenell, which seemed a fitting place for me to shoot their first live gig in Leeds since 2019. I remember them saying that they thought gigs had been lost forever, and that they wondered if people would still like them? Well the tour is now booked, so yes their fans still like them! How could they not, you couldn’t wish to meet a nicer group of humans, who just happen to produce some brilliant music! I felt that they had managed all the upset and disruption many had faced in their industry with grace and creativity, and it was a privilege to have been allowed into their story for a short time.